Friday, 15 March 2013


Message from Neechi Commons.  Submitted by Mike M.
"We hope to see you at the Grand Opening celebration of Neechi Commons ( ) next Tuesday, March 19, 2013. An invitation in poster form is included. We would much appreciate it if you would help circulate it. (We especially welcome former customers of Extra Foods, Zellers, Reidiger’s, Kelekis, Alycia’s, The Wagon Wheel and The Shanghai! J ) Alongside Grand Opening specials, the highlights of the program are as follows:"
8:30   refreshments & music
9:00   opening prayer
9:10   greetings, acknowledgements, ribbon cutting
9:45   open for business & tours
10:30 round dance led by students from David Livingstone Elementary School
11:00 Fabuki Daiko
11:30 acoustic harmonica & fiddle music: students from R B Russell Vocational School
12:00 variety of performers up to mid-afternoon

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