Thursday, 20 March 2014

"Thank you, Mom"? Thanks for nothin'
Image Source:  Greenpeace

The orangutans of Indonesia are endangered and now their last chance at survival is vanishing fast.

Procter & Gamble's video was watched by millions all over the world. Now everyone needs to know that deforestation to create palm oil plantations means orangutans are senselessly orphaned.

While Procter & Gamble were advertising about motherhood, companies that produce their palm oil have been making orphans out of orangutans. During the Winter Olympics the makers of Head & Shoulders ran an advertising campaign called "Thank you, Mom" to talk about how their products help mothers raise their children.

But we've made a video of the dirty secret Procter & Gamble don't want you to see. It's all about what they call "sustainable" practices. Click here to watch and share the video.

Procter & Gamble uses palm oil linked to the destruction of Indonesia's forests. Deforestation for palm oil plantations takes orangutans away from where they were born, destroying the place where they once lived. This dirty palm oil is in products you probably use every day.

- Submitted by Bev

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