Saturday, 20 April 2013

Our Sunday, April 14th conversation...

Photo by Karla W.

After Christine's beautiful and heartfelt opening prayer we began with our group check-in and welcomed our new member, Shirley.
During our check-in we discussed a number of issues raised in the articles which have been recently posted on the blog site. Cori brought along the recent Winnipeg Free Press, Our Past Our Future insert relating to aboriginal awareness. Bev noted some discussion items around Project Peacemakers (e.g. colonization, violence and militarism in Canadian society). *Oak Table AGM to take place next Tuesday with a number of key speakers.

Shelley and others noted the personal impact of going through the "slavery footprint" exercise (see Recommended Websites). Ongoing response to Bill 18 was reviewed.  Gareth mentioned a book of interest entitled, The Inconvenient Indian, by Thomas King. Some discussion ensued with regards to information communication (i.e. blog post vs. group email).

Mike brought up a troubling article he had read regarding the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Program and the concern over the fate of community pastures now that the Federal Government has abandoned this along with many other environmental protection programs.  Mike also reminded us of the resources available through the Sandy-Saulteaux training center such as sweats, work/help days and the Feast for Friends held each September, that can help us build relationships with our aboriginal neighbours.  Christine introduced the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives Manitoba resource, Breaking barriers, building bridges, also relating to aboriginal and non-aboriginal relations.

The main topic of discussion was initiated by Gareth and Michelle who had met back in mid-March to discuss strategies to bring about change and ethical consideration to our consumptive practices. Examples from purchase of food and clothing to technology and travel were given along with ideas such as a voluntary gas tax and how it has been used to increase user awareness, as well as raising money for a group-selected environmental project. Doris Janzen Longacre's book, Living More With Less, as well as Fair Trade Manitoba's Consumer Guide (see Recommended Websites) were suggested resource materials.

Various people stepped forward to further explore a number of these areas for future, more focused study as we continue to learn, to do, and to be.

Next meeting at Nancy's home, April 23, 7 p.m.

Submitted by Karla

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