Monday, 29 April 2013

From Mourning and Outrage to Action

Bev received this letter from Linda Foxvog (International Labour Rights Forum).

Right now, scores of garment workers are still trapped under the rubble of a building in Bangladesh which housed six factories making clothes for dozens of US and European brands. These workers were denied their right to refuse dangerous work: they were told they would lose a month’s pay if they didn’t report to work the day after cracks appeared in the walls. Over 370 people have perished as a result of Wednesday’s tragedy, and it remains unclear how many more victims will lose their lives as the rescue operation continues. This is now the deadliest disaster in the garment industry in known history. 

Rana Plaza building. Photo by ILRF.
Image included in email to Bev
Today, on International Workers’ Memorial Day, ILRF is observing a day of mourning for workers who have been killed as a result of corporate greed and criminal negligence. Then tomorrow we are kicking off a Week of Action to Stop the Murders of Garment Workers. Please click here to sign our new petition to H&M, Walmart and Gap - the largest buyers of clothing from Bangladesh - and we’ll keep you updated on ways to help echo the voices of workers who are demanding change. 

Mother of a garment worker who died in Tazreen fire grieves. Photo by Kevin Frayer / AP.
Image included in email to Bev
With your help, we can build enough momentum to make real change. We’ve just wrapped up our 10-city “End Death Traps” tour with Sumi Abedin, a young woman who survived the Tazreen fire. The tour received excellent news coverage – check it out on our facebook and twitter pages. Please help us keep growing this movement for safe workplaces and justice for garment workers.

In solidarity,

Liana Foxvog
International Labor Rights Forum

- Submitted by Bev R.

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