Saturday, 6 September 2014

Announcing! Faith in the City II

Faith in the City II - WHERE WATERS MEET

First Peoples and Settlers Exploring our Relationship with Mother Earth 
through Shared Stories and Sacred Acts
UPDATE:  This is updated information.  Note, for example, that Where Waters Meet will not begin on Friday evening, as previously planned, but rather on Saturday morning.  

Oct. 18, 19, 2014
Saturday, 9 - 4:30; Sunday morning, 10:30
Augustine United Church
144 River Avenue (Osborne Village)
Winnipeg, Manitoba

This year, Faith in the City II – Augustine’s annual ecumenical, congregationally-based conversation – explores our relationship with Mother Earth.  First Peoples and Settlers will gather at Augustine United Church and at the Assiniboine River nearby, to engage together in examining questions such as:
  • How do we rekindle our spiritual connection to the earth?
  • How can settlers and indigenous peoples be allies in actions to defend our earth’s resources?
  • How has Christian theology/tradition brought us to where we are (e.g. the ecological crisis, the troubled relationship between first peoples/settlers)?
  • How can a decolonized and reimagined Christian theology move us to a new and sacred place?
  • How can the settlers among us find the courage to become unsettled?   

Stan McKay (Cree), Melanie Kampen (Settler Mennonite), Melody McKellar (Mohawk/French) and Steve Heinrichs (Settler Christian) will lead this highly experiential and interactive day of ceremony, conversations and sharing-circles. 

On Sunday, the Very Rev. Dr. Stan McKay (former moderator of the United Church of Canada) will join Rev. Bob Gilbert (Augustine United Church) in leading a special Faith in the City worship service at 10:30 a.m..

Registration Cost
The following categories are guidelines.  Registrants may pay as they are able.
$40 (Fully employed); $30 (employed part-time); $20 (student/unemployed)

Donations are most welcome.  When donating $75 or more, your registration will be included, and a tax-deductible receipt will be issued for a portion of the donation.
Registration Form will be available on the Faith in the City site Monday, September 8.

Please visit the Faith in the City blog for ongoing updates.  

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