Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bangladesh Accord appoints its leadership team

This is very exciting!

Brad Loewen, an administrator with the City of Winnipeg, has just been appointed the Chief Safety Inspector for the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Banglades.  He'll be moving to Bangladesh at the beginning of December to do his work.  This is from the press release:

“Brad Loewen’s task is central to all that we want to achieve. Under his experienced leadership, the Accord will establish and apply safety standards to all factories that supply to Accord member brands. It is a mammoth task but one in which Brad will have the capacity and authority to make decisions that will make direct, positive impacts upon the safety of Bangladeshi garment workers.”

Larry, an acquaintance of mine, is a good friend of Brad's.  This is from an email from Larry:  "Brad is off on Dec 1 to Dakka. A very interesting chance to make a difference. The consortium flew him first class to London England a couple of weeks ago, and from he tells me, the unions, the government, and the consortium all okayed his hiring. In fact he was the unanimous choice. Now for the next five years he has to try and change the world. Exciting stuff."

You can read the entire release here.

Click here to go to the home page of the Accord.

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