Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Delivery of Letters to Walmart and Gap Re: Bangladesh Safety Accord

On Sunday June 23, Bob and I went to the St. Vital mall and delivered 26 letters to Walmart and 26 letters to the Gap.  The letters, which many of you signed, urged Walmart and the Gap to sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, an internationally recognized, legally enforceable, union supported safety accord. 

At Walmart, we talked to an assistant manager, who promised to give the letters to the store manager.  The store manager phoned me the next day and said that he gave the letters to the head office in Toronto, and someone would contact me to discuss them. 

At the Gap, we met with a store manager who gave us a standard response letter, which says that the Gap is committed to improving working conditions in Bangladesh, but does not have any details.  The manager also promised to send the letters to the head office, and someone would contact me. 

I have not heard anything from the head office of either store.  I intend to follow up with this issue in the coming months.  Perhaps we can discuss further action at one of our fall meetings. 

 - Submitted by Amanda


  1. I've been trying to find out which of the 47 retailers who DID sign the accord are represented here in Winnipeg. Not many. Most of them seem to be in Europe. Loblaws (Joe Fresh at Superstore) is best known among the signing group. The parent company of Calvin Klein (of all things!) has also signed. Sears hasn't, neither have any of the other stores represented in the malls of Winnipeg: Old Navy, Marshalls, etc. If any of you have further information, please share it. Thanks. Gareth

  2. I posted my comment before thanking Amanda and Bob for taking the initiative to deliver the letters to Walmart and the Gap. Much appreciated. gn

  3. I want to add my thanks for you two the "doing " part of this response to an important social justice issue. I know I was at work that day and unable to join you but sometimes it's hard to go face to face with people when you are unsure of the response. Sounds like you were not treated badly but then no real response from those in power either. At least you have registered our concerns and I appreciate your effort.