Saturday, 1 June 2013

Act now to protect Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park!

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We only have a couple days to fully protect Hecla / Grindstone Provincial Park!

The Manitoba government just announced it is proposing to protect 4, 015 hectares (ha) of land in Hecla / Grindstone Provincial Park, and is asking for your public comments by JUNE 2!  This announcement is a direct result of Wilderness Committee supporters and concerned Manitobans speaking up about peat mining in Hecla Park, and telling the government that we don’t want peat mining or any other industrial development in our provincial parks!

The job is not quite finished in Hecla / Grindstone Park, though. The Manitoba government is proposing to leave an additional 1,370 hectares UNPROTECTED.
Areas inside provincial parks in Manitoba are classified as any one of six land-use categories, and Resource Management is the problem category, which explicitly encourages industrial activity. The government is proposing to reclassify 4,015 ha of the current Resource Management area as Backcountry, which fully protects it.
Who actually wants to see industrial development in Hecla park?
The Wilderness Committee is asking that this land-use category be completely eliminated from provincial park classification – not only in Hecla / Grindstone, but in all provincial parks.
To fully protect Hecla / Grindstone Provincial Park, please write an email to the government NOW, and ask them to reclassify ALL of the Resource Management area to Backcountry, not just 4,015 hectares.
You can contact the Manitoba government at the following email address and fax number:
Fax: 204-945-0012
Click here to if you’d like to see the government’s proposal.
REMEMBER, the government is running the shortest public comment period we have ever seen (two weeks only!) The deadline for comments is this Sunday, June 2. So please write your email now!
For the wild,
Eric Reder | Manitoba Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee
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